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Koskie Minsky LLP

Labatt’s Salaried Retiree Benefits


This class proceeding concerns improper changes to post-retirement benefits.

It is alleged that the Labatt Brewing Company Limited (“Labatt”) and Companhia de Bebidas das Americas (also known as “Ambev”) improperly imposed changes to the Labatt Brewing Company Limited retiree benefit program (the "Retiree Benefit Plan") by imposing lifetime caps for previously unlimited benefits, and reducing coverages for other benefits.

A settlement in this matter has been reached and approved by the by the order of the Honourable Madam Justice Lax dated January 13, 2009. The settlement provides for the reinstatement of the Retiree Benefit Plan as it existed prior to March 1, 2007, with certain modifications.

The class of persons encompassed by the settlement includes all former, salaried, non-unionized employees of Labatt, its predecessor, John Labatt Limited, and their respective subsidiaries, residing in Canada with a date of retirement from their employment with Labatt before January 1, 2009 and who were eligible to be or are participants in the Retiree Benefit Plan, and such retirees' eligible dependents.


Latest Developments

March 19, 2009The Opt-out deadline expired.
January 22, 2009The settlement of this action was approved by the Honourable Madam Justice Lax by order dated January 13, 2009. If a class member wishes to opt out, he or she must notify Koskie Minsky LLP in writing on or before March 19, 2009.

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